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[audio]IUMA: PseudoScience
Okay, heres the deal: This page has not been updated (except for this little note here) since, I think February 2002. When IUMA gets there CD sales up, I will either completely redo this page or I will simply start a new artist which I will post the name of on this page. The songs on this page have been revised several times since they were uploaded, and I have something like 20 songs or so to upload...
Keywords: PseudoScience
Downloads: 8
[movies]Wikimedia_NYC_January_13_2008_Pseudoscience_on_Wikipedia - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User:Nightscream
A discussion among Wikipedians and Wikimedians at the January 13, 2008 meeting at Columbia University, focusing on the subject of pseudoscience on Wikipedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Meetup/NYC/January_13,_2008 For the presentation itself, see: http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Wikipedia_pseudoscience.pdf
Keywords: Wikipedia Pseudoscience
Downloads: 48
[texts]De Labore Solis - van der Kamp, Walter
This book says the Earth is the center of the universe
Keywords: geocentricity; pseudoscience
Downloads: 584
[audio]Susan Nicholson - Peter Griffin
Skeptics conference presentation from psychic Sue Nicholson
Keywords: psychic; skeptic; pseudoscience
Downloads: 45
[texts]Die Erde ist Rund? - Muennich, David
The Earth is Round?
Keywords: flat earth; pseudoscience
Downloads: 570
[audio]How to Analyze People on Sight Through the Science of Human Analysis: The Five Human Types - Benedict, Elsie Lincoln
LibriVox recording of How to Analyze People on Sight, by Elsie Lincoln Benedict and Ralph Paine Benedict. In this popular American book from the 1920s, accomplished public speaker and self-help charlatan Elsie Lincoln Benedict outlines her pseudo-scientific system of "Human Analysis". She proposes that, within the human race, five sub-types have developed through evolutionary processes, each with its own distinct character traits and corresponding outward appearance...
Keywords: psychology; pseudoscience; audiobook; librivox
Downloads: 291,967
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot 055: Massimo Pigliucci
Massimo Pigliucci discusses the limits of science and his new book, 'Nonsense on Stilts.'
Keywords: Pigliucci; science; philosophy; nonsense; pseudoscience
Downloads: 3,060
[audio]CF008: Swimming in the Deep End REIKI EDITION - Antoinette Marie & Jesse O.
CF008: Swimming in the Deep End REIKI EDITION Jesse O. and myself looking at a website on Reiki, after reading a Reiki magazine. Please take proper precautions in protecting your brain. We cannot be held liable for Scanners-like reactions. Copyright 2011 A "Zoom Out, World Explodes" Production
Keywords: reiki; pseudoscience; conscience and the fury
Downloads: 21
[audio]Labyrinth Library 108: Flim-Flam! - Chris Gladis
Review of "Flim-Flam!" by James Randi
Keywords: book review; James Randi; pseudoscience; skepticism; woo
Downloads: 123
[audio]Sentient Developments Radio Podcast for Dec 28, 2006 - George Dvorsky
Transhumanist and technoprogressive perspectives on science, philosophy, ethics, and the future of intelligent life. In this episode I discuss the scientific method, pseudoscience, UFO's, and rational skepticism.
Keywords: science scientificilliteracy pseudoscience ufo paranormal skepticism empiricism
Downloads: 2,113
[audio]Pseudoscience, Politicians, the Press, and Public Outrage. William H. Dresher, Ph.D., P.E. - Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Dr. Dresher is the Principal of WHD Consulting. Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 16th Annual Meeting - 1998 Scottsdale, AZ
Keywords: william dresher; pseudoscience; politicians; press; public outrage
Downloads: 22
[audio]The Tools for Fighting Pseudoscience: The Case of the Missing Ozone. Jay Lehr, Ph.D. - Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
Dr. Lehr is Senior Scientist with Environmental Education Enterprises. Doctors for Disaster Preparedness 16th Annual Meeting - 1998 Scottsdale, AZ
Keywords: jey lehr; ozone; pseudoscience; global warming
Downloads: 45
[movies]Pseudoscience on Wikipedia - Wikimedia New York City
A discussion among Wikipedians and Wikimedians at our January 13, 2008 meeting of local contributors at Columbia University in New York City, and focusing on the coverage of pseudoscience and other dubious subjects on Wikipedia. This conversation was taking place in the context of a visual presentation, which can be seen at "Pseudoscience on Wikipedia" (PDF).
Keywords: Wikimedia_New_York_City; Wikimedia; Wikipedia; Pseudoscience
Downloads: 1,240
[texts]A Critical Examination of Astrology - EnlightenU
A lengthy essay that examines the basis of astrology and some of the claims used to support the practice. I released this document into the public domain for all to read and modify to improve if necessary.
Keywords: astrology; essay; skeptic; skepticism; science; pseudoscience; astronomy
Downloads: 254
[movies]inFact: Cell Phones on Airplanes
Is it actually dangerous to use cell phones or other portable electronics on board an aircraft? http://infactvideo.com
Keywords: news&information; science; cell phones; pseudoscience; mobile phones
Downloads: 4
[audio]Conversations from the Pale Blue Dot: 032 - Chris Hallquist
I interview philosophy graduate student at the University of Notre Dame, Chris Hallquist, about his book 'UFOs, Ghosts, and a Rising God.'
Keywords: Jesus; resurrection; UFO; pseudoscience; prophecy; interview; philosophy; religion
Downloads: 1,973
[audio]The Snark-Gap Transmission, Show #0021 - December 1, 2008 - Steve Shives
Two main topics concern Steve and McAsherson this week: Christmas shopping and ghost hunting. Ah, but what horns of plenty these topics are! Did you know, for instance, that McAsherson's beloved talking teddy bear was mutilated as a result of spurious advice from her older sister? Or that Steve's mother consorted with elves when he was a youngin'? Or better yet, did you know that ghost hunters are con artists who prey on and defraud the credulous dupes foolish enough to hire them? Because they a...
Keywords: snark-gap transmission; podcast; christmas; ghost hunting; shopping; black friday; pseudoscience; skepticism
Downloads: 555
[texts]Letter Protesting & Refusing To Submit Ourselves To DCYF ordered "Evaluation" - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
This letter was written on June 2nd. As a result of refusing we cannot tutor our own sons, and we can only see them once every two weeks. Only if we submit to this dubious procedure can we see them on a weekly basis. Emotional blackmail at it's best. Our sons have also been smacked with false labels. Link below of letter protesting decision to deny us study sessionsLetter To DCYF Supervisor On Study Session Decision Denial Dr...
Keywords: DCYF abuses; pscychiatry is pseudo-science; Foster care abuses; DCYF ordered evaluations; family court corruption
Downloads: 48
[texts]KidConnect Fact Booklet - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
This is yet another agency in which DCYF wishes to enroll my stolen sons (who were taken away from I and my husband with no due process) so that the horrible labels that they wish to place on them will permanently stick. My husband's daughters who started this whole mess, just dreams of placing them in Special Ed, as a grand finale to their sick vendetta. Of course the fact that "special needs" kids receive more money, appeals to others as well.
Keywords: DCYF abuse; stolen boys; Psychiatry is fraud; pseudoscience; wasting tax dollars; no good programs
Downloads: 89
[audio]Mighty Cast 72: A Little Embarrassing - http://www.GetMightyNow.com
After a month of silence... Nick returns from vacation and The Mighty Cast resumes! We all make mistakes... probably a few more than we'd like to admit... but these admissions are exactly what Chris & Nick are talking about on this week's episode of The Mighty Cast! Here's a little taste of what we're embarassed to have fallen for:  * Supplements  * Balance Training  * Heavy Duty  * UFO's & other conspiracy theories  * Hell  * Detox Cleanses   And unrealistic expectations! Chris also has ...
Keywords: chris young; nicholas ritchey; mighty cast; get mighty now; baloney; pseudoscience; detox; supplements; antivax; homeopathy
Downloads: 146
[texts]The pseudoscience of New Age and reductionism - Morten Tolboll
Pseudoscience is philosophical, political, religious/occult theories, that seek legitimacy by claiming, that they are scientifical theories, while the fact is, that they either not are testable, or that they abuse the use of abductive reasoning. In this article I give a presentation of ways to spot how a theory can be identified as pseudoscientific.
Keywords: Pseudoscience; Skepticism; Richard Dawkins; Daniel C.Dennett; Reductionism; Pseudoskepticism; Scientific skepticism; Scientism; Marcello Truzzi
Downloads: 36
[texts]Dr. Fred Baughman Speaks On The Myth Of ADHD By Mike Adams - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD is an adult and child neurologist who has made "disease" (brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) vs. "no disease" (emotional, psychiatric) diagnoses daily and has discovered and described real diseases. Herein he describes the difference between psychiatry/psychology, on the one hand, and neurology and all organic medicine, on the other, and why ADHD and all of psychiatry's "chemical imbalances" are not diseases at all--but fraud...
Keywords: ADHD; Psychiatry is a pseudo-science; false diagnosis; children being drugged; psychiatric fraud
Downloads: 166
[texts]Interview With Dr. Baughman By Mark Adams - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD is an adult and child neurologist who has made "disease" (brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, etc.) vs. "no disease" (emotional, psychiatric) diagnoses daily and has discovered and described real diseases. Herein he describes the difference between psychiatry/psychology, on the one hand, and neurology and all organic medicine, on the other, and why ADHD and all of psychiatry's "chemical imbalances" are not diseases at all--but fraud...
Keywords: psychiatry is fraud; pseudoscience; ADHD; drugged up children; civil rights violations
Downloads: 93
[movies]Kent Hovind's the Hovind Theory debunked - http://www.youtube.com/Thunderf00t
In this video, Kent Hovind's "Hovind Theory" is exposed for the pseudoscience and gibberish it is. He is clueless about science, but without no scientific education that's hardly surprising. This is the third in the "Why People Laugh at Creationists" series made by ThunderF00t.
Keywords: Kent Hovind; The Hovind Theory; debunking; Creationists; creationism; pseudoscience; intelligent design
Downloads: 1,094
[audio]brainwash sequence '53 - matthew d. middleton/ crude
matt middleton's inimitable static invokation - a sonic prayer to dark matter, an interpretation of the big bang, middleton's viscera and qi released. an eternally archived cultural document. This piece is found on the cd 'sax sothis' (juggernaut 1998) and 'Informatik 105' atless intent/dirtlove (1995/2008) 128 kbps.disclaimer - this piece does not induce brainwashing.
Keywords: noise; electronic; extreme; sound-art; matt middleton; free-noise; experimental; static; white-noise; pseudo-science; physics; space and time; wormhole
Downloads: 74
[texts]Failure evidence for all 21 IPCC positive-feedback climate models - Nigel B. Cook
NASA incorrectly claims that any cosmic radiation increases deliver energy directly and cause temperature rises. Because this does not happen (the opposite occurs, see Fig. 5), NASA claims that cosmic radiation does not have any effect on climate. However, increases in cosmic radiation increase high altitude cloud cover by the “Wilson cloud chamber” effect (well proved in nuclear physics), and so have a cooling effect on the earth’s climate by increasing Earth’s albedo...
Keywords: AGW; Phil Jones; Michael Mann; Hockey Stick; Lie; propaganda; negative feedback; positive feedback; Wilson cloud chamber; science; pseudoscience; IPCC
Downloads: 38
[texts]Letter Written To Our Eldest Son's Psychologist - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
Letter written on June 14th to our eldest son's psychologist. Our son was diagnosed with false conditions. He is a perfectly normal child who is extremely intelligent and gifted, but who has lived a nightmare for the past two years in an unloving home with a half-sister who hates him (despite her good acting skills). Lately they are trying to see if they can add Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to his collection of false labels...
Keywords: false diagnosis; psychiatry is a pseudo-science; Global Developmental Delay; Reactive Attachment Disorder; victimized children; DCYF abuses; foster care abuses
Downloads: 64
[texts]Forms Written On August 3rd and Given To Us On August 5th Stating That Our Boys Have PTSD & ADHD - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
These are forms that were given to us stating that our boys had Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ADHD. The form says that due to this they need "services" from yet another agency (as if enough useless agencies were not already involved!). We only put white out over the boys' social security numbers, as it was the only sensitive information shown on them. Letter Protesting DCYF Claims That My Boys Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & ADHD Questionnaire Used To Diagnose ADHD
Keywords: DCYF abuse; foster care abuse; false diagnosis; psychiatry is a pseudoscience; ADHD fraud; social activism; parental rights; civil rights violations
Downloads: 87
[texts]May 2011 Letter Written To CASEY & Affiliated Agencies Demanding The Right To Buy Healthy Products For Our Sons - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
This letter was written to protest the spontaneous surge of a highly dubious policy which banned us from purchasing clothing, vitamins, and organic food products for our own sons, who are being chronically neglected. It was difficult for I to finish this letter because my laptop was stolen with a flash drive (memory stick) still inserted in it, shortly after publishing the report found at the link below: Refutations Of Biased Evaluations Done On Our Sons We have had ZERO due process, yet we ar...
Keywords: DCYF abuse; foster care abuse; false diagnosis; psychiatry is a pseudoscience; social activism; parental rights; civil rights violations; CPS abuses in Rhode Island; Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
Downloads: 68
[texts]ACLU Really Does Not Help As They Claim (This Has Been My Own Personal Experience) - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
I uploaded this document because I saw that ACLU was portraying themselves in a light that is not accurate. The ACLU page contains a link speaking of the case of two boys (brothers) who were taken away from a mother said to have mental problems who physically and sexually abused them. To do such things to defenseless children is of course horrendous, though I believe that criminal acts do not indicate mental problems but rather moral problems...
Keywords: ACLU; Rhode Island; Psychiatry Is A Pseudoscience; DCYF Abuses In Rhode Island; the drugging and mislabeling of traumatized children; civil rights
Downloads: 122
[texts]Letter Protesting DCYF Claims That My Boys Have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & ADHD - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
>br> The first letter was written August 8th 2010 (though it took a few days to complete), and the second letter was written on August 13th 2010. Both letters refute the false claims that my sons, who have already been labeled with other so-called "conditions" have PTSD & ADHD. The forms originally given to us shows that DCYF plans to extend our sons' separation from us to three years, as this plan would last until 2011! My husband's daughters have used their influence over DCYF to prolong this ...
Keywords: DCYF abuse; foster care abuse; parents rights; psychiatry is a pseudoscience; family unity; ADHD fraud; bogus diagnosis; civil rights violations; social activism
Downloads: 66
[texts]My Nutrition Report (Incomplete Report) - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
I was never able to finish this report because I had to immediately commence in late October 2010 another report to refute the bogus evaluations that were done on our sons, and which can be seen here ( Refutation Report (click)). After I finished the refutation report my laptop was stolen on May 5th 2011 (Dubious Police Report-click ) along with a flashdrive that contained the pdf file of the full report...
Keywords: DCYF abuses in Rhode Island; nutrition; organic food; kosher diet; children's nutrition; civil rights abuses; parental rights; psychiatry is a pseudoscience; stalking quack psychiatrists
Downloads: 453
Man the Unknown by ALEXIS CARREL the NOBEL PRIZE WINNER FOR MEDICINE who invented the GAS CHAMBERS OF NAZI CONCENTRATION CAMPS 1912 Medical Nobel Laureate Alexis Carrel's eugenics and gas chamber recommending bestseller, "Man the Unknown", 1935 (British Penguin 1948 edition, which has the praise of Nazi eugenics from the 1936 edition preface edited out). Contains Carrel's use of scientific authority to argue against feminism, political opposition to the government, justice, democracy, cities, an...
Keywords: Pseudoscience; Nobel Laureate; Paul Nurse; Alexis Carrel; Royal Society; eugenics; authority; lies; big lies; very big lies; mass murder; gas chambers; holocaust
Downloads: 411
[texts]Refutations Of Biased Evaluations Done On Our Sons - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
When I originally published this report/book , I did not take the time to proof-read some of the sections. I work under great stress in my current situation, and few people would have managed to write a report like this while going through the situations which I am experiencing at present. I did on re-reading it found some errors which I felt were unacceptable, and so did some minor corrections and re-published it...
Keywords: DCYF abuse; foster care abuse; false diagnosis; psychiatry is a pseudoscience; social activism; parental rights; civil rights violations, Palma de Mallorca, abusos del Consell De Mallorca, niños secuestrados en Mallorca, CPS abuses in Rhode Island, Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
Downloads: 49
[audio]Revengerists Podcast of Stuff 04/13/13: Metametaphysics - The Revengerists!
These philosopher kings dissect the problematic dogma of organized religion, spirituality, the paranormal, pseudoscience and the hypocrisy of some religious zealots in politics. They must contend with sucky demonic possession, quantum mysticism, rioting Buddhists, highly-trained monks, homophobic Christians, and other forms of persecution.
Keywords: revengerists; religion; zealotry; zealots; hypocrisy; organized religion; bunk; hokum; hocus pocus; woo; pseudoscience; faith; belief; nonsense; demonic possession; persecution; dogma; organized religion; buddhism; christianity; politics; spirituality; paranormal; monks; Christ; theology; powers; superpowers; santa; christmas
Downloads: 14
[audio]Mineral Virtue - Valerie Allen, John Jay College of Criminal Justice (CUNY), vallen@jjay.cuny.edu
Featured Talk delivered by Valerie Allen for "Animal, Vegetable, Mineral: Ethics and Objects in the Early Modern and Medieval Periods" Conference, hosted by George Washington University's Medieval and Early Modern Studies Institute @George Washington University, 11-12 April 2011.
Keywords: Albertus Magnus (De mineralibus); Transmutation/Alchemy; Organic/Inorganic; Rock-as-Matrix; Lithic Reproduction/Causation; Performative Materiality; Medieval Lapidaries; Analogical Thinking; Foucault (The Order of Things); Epsitemic Networks; Elemental Interconnectivity; Pseudo-Science
Downloads: 105
[audio]Kent Hovind jail phone calls - United States government
These are telephone calls made by Kent Hovind played during Hovind's sentencing at a federal trial and recorded by the government. They are public domain played to show Hovind plot with his family, including Eric Hovind, to hide assets, threaten government officials, and refuse to accept responsibility for his crimes while awaiting sentencing. As journalist Mark O'Brien described, "Although phones include warnings that conversations are recorded, he didn't mince words as he ran up eight hours of...
Keywords: hovind; kent hovind; eric hovind; creationism; debate; prison; tax fraud; Creation Science Evangelism; answers in genesis; trinity; jo hovind; public domain; creationist; intelligent design; evolution; age of the earth; young earth; liar; fraud; pseudoscience
Downloads: 795 1.00 out of 5 stars(1 review)
[texts]Refutatio:Cn Of Biased Evaluations Done On Our Sons:Corrected Version - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
This report is being re-uploaded on September 21st 2012 (7 days after my husband abandoned me)when I noticed that Ana and her hacker buddies had taken it off my site. The old link which used to have the report is Unusable Link of report that was deleted by Ana's people They left the uncorrected version (which has a few mistakes in its 200+ pages bulk)in order to make me look "stupid". Mediocre Ana should know that even with the few mistakes in the uncorrected version, that no "stupid" person co...
Keywords: Psychiatry is a pseudoscience; Palma de Mallorca; Consell De Mallorca; Bebes secuestrados en Mallorca; Spain; Stalking psychiatrists; hacking; Ana Dickenson; false diagnoses; misdiagnosed children; the labeling of children; DCYF abuses in Rhode Island; CPS abuse; evolution
Downloads: 625
[audio]Atlantis: The Antediluvian World - Ignatius Loyola Donnelly
LibriVox recording of Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Loyola Donnelly. "Atlantis: The Antediluvian World is a book published during 1882 by Minnesota populist politician Ignatius L. Donnelly, who was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania during 1831. Donnelly considered Plato's account of Atlantis as largely factual and attempted to establish that all known ancient civilizations were descended from this supposed lost land...
Keywords: Atlantis; Atlanteans; Ἀτλαντὶς νῆσος; Great Flood; antediluvian; lost civilization; history; pseudo-history; pseudo-science; Mayanism; Pre-Columbian; gods; mythology; myths; legends; race; language; linguistics; philology; anthropology; religion; Plato; Socrates; Solon; Republic; audiobook; librivox
Downloads: 36,482
[texts]Nonviolent Communication is an instrument of psychic terror - Morten Tolboll
In this article I show how Nonviolent Communication (NVC) ends up in the thought distortion called That´s Judgmental, a phrase used to silence critique, because it, for some usually unspecified reasons, consider judgments as violent; that is: judgmental terms such as good versus bad, right versus wrong, fair versus unfair. The psychic terror consists in that these judgmental terms instead become hidden under terms such as needs and feelings (which NVC wrongly consider as non-judgmental in thems...
Keywords: Nonviolent communication (NVC); Giraffe language; Marshall Rosenberg; Psychic terror; Critical thinking; Pseudoscience; Humanistic psychology; Needs; Self-help industry; Mohandas Gandhi; Ahimsa; Nonviolence; Semai people; Constructivism; Social constructivism; Ram Dass; New Age; The emotional painbody; George Orwell; NewSpeak
Downloads: 266
[texts]Our Compaints To The Courts Of Rhode Island On September 19th 2012 (Complaints Made Against Judge Murray And The Lawyer John W. Grisham) - Cibeles Jolivette Gonzalez
This document shows a letter that was sent by us complaining about the corrupt lawyer John W. Grisham who has destroyed my marriage and family, and also shows complaints sent to the appropriate authorities about the corrupt "Judge" who serves as a DCYF puppet, rather than as a competent Judge who truly administers impartial justice. There is also included the Judicial Code of Rhode Island with the sections violated by this DCYF-controlled "Judge" highlighted in yellow...
Keywords: CPS Abuse; DCYF abuses in Rhode Island; bebes secuestrados en Mallorca; Palma de Mallorca; Rhode Island court corruption; Providence lawyer; corrupt lawyer; John W. Grisham; Ana Dickenson; foster care abuse; the war against the family; civil rights violations; harassment; Psychiatry is a pseudoscience; stalking quack psychiatrists; police state; Constitutional law
Downloads: 169
[texts]A critique of Ken Wilber and his integral method - Morten Tolboll
Ken Wilber has sought to bring together the world´s far-ranging spiritual teachings, philosophies, and scientific truths into one coherent and all-embracing vision. In this article I show how Ken Wilber´s integral method belongs to a group of large New Age systems, which have emerged in the wake of Theosophy, and which therefore exposes totalitarian and fascistic tendencies. 
Keywords: Ken Wilber; Fritjof Capra; Nagarjuna; Niels Bohr; Quantum mechanics; Quantum mysticism; Theories of everything; Holism; Evolution; Karma; Integral method; Evolutionism; Social Darwinism; Compensatory karma; Codependent originated; Impermanence; Codependent origination; Consciousness; Progressive karma; Spiritual development; Spiritual growth; Theosophy; Neodarwinism; Charles Darwin; Darwinism; Pseudoscience; New Age; Personality typing; Typology; Enneagram; Integral map; Complementarity; Relativism; Cultural relativism; Totalitarian systems; Ideology; Ramana Maharshi; Fascism
Downloads: 90
[texts]Quantum mechanics and the philosophy of Niels Bohr - Morten Tolboll
I have in my book Dream Yoga looked at the abuses of quantum mechanics, which we see so widely-spread in New Age circles, and wherein the misinterpretation consists. However there has right now been published a new book by my professor in philosophy, David Favrholdt, about the philosophy of Niels Bohr, which shows the misinterpretation in a new way. This article gives an introduction to this philosophy. 
Keywords: Quantum mechanics; Niels Bohr; David Favrholdt; Ken Wilber; Fritjof Capra; Quantum mysticism; Theories of everything; Complementarity; Holism; New Thought; Law of attraction; Albert Einstein; Quantum physics; Subjectivism; Relativism; Theory of relativity; Constructivism; Social constructivism; The complementarity theory; Yin and Yang; Nagarjuna; New Age; Pseudoscience; Materialism; Idealism; Chinese philosophy; Taoism; Karma
Downloads: 101
[texts]Quantum mysticism and its web of lies - Morten Tolboll
Quantum mysticism is a pseudoscientific version of quantum mechanics. In this article I show the two central misinterpretations of quantum mechanics that have created a widespread web of lies, both in the postmodern intellectualism, as well as in the more popular movement of New Age. I also give examples on how the quantum mystical language of postmodern intellectualism has influenced New Age, for example in the New Age guru Deepak Chopra.
Keywords: Quantum mechanics; Quantum mysticism; Fritjof Capra; What the Bleep do we Know?; Living Matrix; Law of attraction; Niels Bohr; Deepak Chopra; Pseudoscience; Subjectivism; Relativism; Constructivism; Social constructivism; Postmodern intellectualism; Postmodernism; The Sokal Hoax; Quantum physics; Albert Einstein; Fascism; Quantum biology; Thomas Kuhn; Paradigm shift; Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP); John Grinder; Newspeak; George Orwell; Quantum healing; Reductionism
Downloads: 92
[texts]The pseudoscience of reductionism and the problem of mind - Morten Tolboll
The reductionisms observe Man from fragmented viewpoints, for example as organism, as physical-chemical system, as society being, as psyche, as producer and user of language and meaning. But what becomes of the wholeness? What unites all this knowledge to a total image of Man? The reductionisms´ explanations of this always end up as philosophical shipwrecks. Reductionisms are philosophical viewpoints, which under cover of being science seek to answer the question of Man, or reality as such...
Keywords: Reductionism; Pseudoscience; Atheism; Skepticism; Pseudoskepticism; Richard Dawkins; Daniel C.Dennett; Social Darwinism; Edward O.Wilson; Fritjof Capra; Ken Wilber; Evolutionism; Eugenics; Scientism; Charles Darwin; Philosophy; Mind; Consciousness; Science; Critical thinking; Meditation; Truth; Relativism; Subjectivism; Heredity and environment; Sociobiology; Social biology; Biology; Sociology; Social constructivism; Herbert Spencer; Holism; Historism; Sociologism; Psychologism; Theosophy; New Age; Arnold Toynbee; Oswald Spengler; Lamarckism; Lysenkoism; Fascism; Nazism; Neodarwinism; Quantum mechanics; Materialism; Idealism; Personal identity; Self; Free will; Ideology; Genes; Free choice; Personal responsibility
Downloads: 54
[texts]Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) and Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT) - Morten Tolboll
NLP claims to help people change by teaching them to program their brains. We were given brains, we are told, but no instruction manual. NLP offers you a user-manual for the brain. The brain-manual seems to be a metaphor for NLP training, which is sometimes referred to as “software for the brain.” In this article I expose NLP as a pseudoscientific and existential shipwreck. I also give a description of a Tony Robbins LGAT seminar.
Keywords: Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP); Large Group Awareness Training (LGAT); Tony Robbins; Hypnosis; Hypnotherapy; Pseudoscience; Paradigm shift; Hermeneutics of Suspicion; John Grinder; Richard Bandler; Thomas Kuhn; Steven Novella; Psychotherapy; Coaching; Ole Vadum Dahl; Healing; New Age; New Thought; The Law of attraction; Enneagram; Personality typing; Oliver Burkeman; Firewalking; Peak experiences; Gabriele Oettingen; Anni Simonsen; Management theory; Barbara Ehrenreich; Oneness movement; Success coaching; Mass media; Talent shows; Reality series; X factor
Downloads: 166
[texts]The Sokal Hoax - Morten Tolboll
The Sokal Hoax, also known as the Sokal Affair, was a publishing hoax perpetrated by Alan Sokal, a physics professor at New York University. The hoax was a so-called hoax of exposure. Hoaxes of exposure are semi-comical or private sting operations. They usually encourage people to act foolishly or credulously by falling for patent nonsense that the hoaxer deliberately presents as reality. The Sokal Hoax was a pseudoscientific experiment to test the standards of scholarship and intellectual respo...
Keywords: Alan Sokal; The Sokal hoax; Hoax; Quantum mechanics; Quantum mysticism; Postmodern intellectualism; Pseudoscience; George Orwell; Thomas Kuhn; Paradigm shift; Relativism; Subjectivism; Ideology; Political ideology; Social constructivism; Pragmatism; Nihilism; Postmodernism; Deconstructive literary theory; Deconstructivism; New Age; Feminist epistemology; Social constructivist philosophy of science; Lacanian psychoanalysis; Humanistic psychology; Experiential psychotherapy; Coaching; Management theory; Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP); John Grinder; Social Text; Science Wars; Feminism; Radical feminism; Paul R. Gross; Norman Levitt; Deconstructionism; Socialism; Left-wing intellectuals; The Academic Left; Bruce Robbins; Intellectual Impostures; Jean Brichmont; Lacan; Kristeva; Baudrillard; Irigaray; Latour; Virilio; Deleuze; Guattari
Downloads: 62
[texts]The fascism of Theosophy - Morten Tolboll
Theosophical society is a religious movement founded in 1875 by Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, Harry Steel Olcott and William Q. Judge. The movement was among the first, which introduced Indian philosophy and religion to the West. Theosophy is without comparison the religion, which has inspired most new religions and movements, as many hundred movements, in some shade, draw on fundamental ideas of Theosophy...
Keywords: Helena Blavatsky; Alice Bailey; Theosophy; Fascism; Evolutionism; Eugenics; Genetic engineering; Charles Webster Leadbeater; Channeling; Darwinism; Social Darwinism; Great White Brotherhood; Harry Steel Olcott; William Q. Judge; Spiritual masters; Avatars; Madame Blavatsky; Annie Besant; Krishnamurti; New Age; Ufology; Ken Wilber; The Human Design System; The WingMakers Project; Reductionism; Karma; Pseudohistory; Pseudoscience; Afrocentrism; Creationism; Holocaust revisionism; The Celestine Prophecy; The Urantia Book; Bringers of the Dawn; Neodarwinism; Consciousness; Free will; Personal identity; The evolution of consciousness; Seven rays; Root-races; The Age of Aquarius; Racism; Oswald Spengler
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[texts]Climate Change -- The Skeptics Handbook II
Climate Change -- The Skeptics Handbook II AKA Global Bullies Want Your Money Fun and easy to read handbook which describes the plan hatched by ultra-rich moguls and corporations to create a new multi-billions industry for convincing you that you must give up your rights and money to them to "save the world". FAIR USE NOTICE: This may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner...
Keywords: climate; climate change; global warming; greenhouse; greenhouse effect; skeptics; science; atmosphere; evidence; supression of evidence; junk science; nwo; global elite; global government; carbon tax; al gore; scandal; NASA; NASA scientists; propaganda; earth; earth science; schools; education; book; free book; handbook; carbon dioxide; methane; greenhouse gases; ice age; polar caps; melting; sea level; inconvenient truth; pseudoscience; apocalyptic; 2012; elections; obama; barack obama; cap and trade; taxes; tea party; reform; change; globalism; trilateral; bilderberg; slavery; enslavement; runaway government; investigation; justice; current events; news; oceans; sea level; scare; bernays; public relations; foundations; ripoff; politics; epa; regulation; oil; nuclear; solar; insider trading; conflict of interest; forest; agriculture; industry; media; advertising; tax funded; manipulation; public opinion; consensus; scientific research; journals; grants
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